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checkmarkWho is the Publisher?

P in SPAT represents the word 'Publisher.'

'P' reminds you to find who is publishing the content. If there is not a name taking responsibility for the content, then find another source of the information.

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how to find site address and provider.   How Do I Find That?

1. Look for a publisher.

The bottom of the web page usually provides the answer to this question. If you do not see someone or some company taking the role of the publisher then the web page should not be trusted.

publisher example
2. Look for contact information.

Frequently there will be a 'contact' link on the page. Often this provides only an email address. The email address does not tell you who the publisher is. If you cannot find anyone taking responsibility by personal name or entity name then it is likely the page is not trustworthy.

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why these matter   Why This Matters
  1. When there is a stated publisher you can know who is accountable for the information. This is good.

  2. If no one wants to be accountable then you cannot trust the page's content. Select another source for your information.

review question   Review Question

Question: Is a web page with a publisher listed for contact better than a web page without a publisher?

Answer: A web page with a publisher is better than one without a publisher.

Reasoning: If there is a publisher listed then someone or some entity is taking ownership and responsibility for the information they are giving. As a reader, you want to know who is giving you information so you can justify the answer to your question.

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