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SPAT has gained support by instructors world wide in a range of professions; especially those interested in health literacy. While SPAT was initially created for use with health content, it can actually be applied to any subject area. Look below to see how and where SPAT has been introduced.

If you plan to use SPAT in a course either formally or informally, please let me know so you can be added to the portfolio of SPAT users.

k-12 Schools

Robyn Youk, Bishop Feehan High School, Attkebiri, MA SPAT is used with teachers and students in evaluating web sites and linked in their library webpage:

Carolyn Wert, Charles Boehm Middle School, Yardley, PA SPAT is used when teaching information seeking skills.

Kathy Ashworth, Central Manor Library, Penn Manor School District, Lancaster, PA. SPAT is used when teaching information seeking skills.

Alicante Avenue School, Lamont, California. K-8 teachers incorporate SPAT in their curriculum for teaching information seeking skills.

Samuel Jackendoff, Ed.M., M.B.A., M.S.I.S., 2010 Curriculum Supervisor for Library and Information Sciences, Pittsburgh Public Schools. Students learn SPAT in their library literacy classes. They apply SPAT to websites they select to support homework assignments.

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   Colleges & Universities

Thomas Bello, Assistant Libriarn, Kamuzu College of Nursing, University of Malawi, Africa SPAT is used in formal classes to aid students in gaining awareness for the need to evaluate all web-based information.

Caroline Webber, Ph.D., RDDepartment of Family and Consumer Sciences Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI. SPAT is used to make students aware of the need to evaluate information from the Web.

Deborah Wolf, RN, Ph.D.,Catham University, Pittsburgh, PA. SPAT is used in undergrate and graduate level nursing courses.

Marguerite DeBello, Ph.D.,Eastern Michigan University, School of Nursing, Ypsilanti, MI. SPAT was incorporated into a lecture.

Amy Davis, Ph.D., University of Arizona, College of Nursing. SPAT was incorporated into a lecture.

Elizabeth LaRue, Ph.D., MLS, University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing.Graduate and undergraduate nursing students learn SPAT in their required research course as well as their Introduction to Health Inforamtics course. They apply SPAT when using the Internet to select websites for patients, collegues, and homework assignments. The graduate students also learn to teach SPAT to consumers when performing a website evaluation study.

Mary Jo Dorsey, Ph.D., MLS University of Pittsburgh, LIS 2850 class, The Library?s Role in Teaching and Learning. Graduate level students learn SPAT and then create lesson plans incorporating SPAT.

Samuel Jackendoff, Ed.M., M.B.A., M.S.I.S., 2013 Business Communications and Principals of Supervision at, CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County). Students learn to SPAT websites they select to support homework assignments.

Meg Havran, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.SPAT was used in a graduate student lecture.

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Konstantina Matsoukas, M.L.I.S., Head of Reference and Education Coordinator Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library, Columbia University Health Sciences Library, SPAT is taught in courses offered by the library. Students learn to apply SPAT to websites they select for health information.

Amy Blevins, Clinical Education Librarian, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences Iowa City, IA.. SPAT is taught to our undergraduate medical students. They use the acronym to evaluate websites for trustworthiness and quality. It is also used in a 1 credit hour information literacy course.

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Heidi Patterson, Coordinator, Library Services,Hopwood Library, UPMC - St. Margaret, Pittsburgh, PA. Library patrons are introduced to SPAT when searching the Internet. SPAT is useful "when I hear of a new site from a news report or a Dr Oz/Dr Phil blurb."

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Barbara Wood, USF Health in the The Villages, The Villages, FL. Residents were introduced to SPAT in a one day workshop for using the Internet.

Margaret Thearle, Diabetes Project Manager, University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute Pittsburgh, PA. Patients are regularly introduced to SPAT.

Mary Jo Dorsey, National Institute for Newman Studies. "I've realized I subconsciously use SPAT anytime I surf the 'net."

2012 Pat Stachiw, Clinical Pharmacist, BC Cancer Agency, Victoria, BC. SPAT was introduced in a professional development seminar for pharmacist.

Mary Carroll, Center for Research on Healthcare, University of Pittsburgh Division of General Internal Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA Uses SPAT as part of an online, animated curriculum to help physicians and other health care providers analyze and evaluate the veracity of health-related information they receive from technology.

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