Website Evaluation Tool
Frequently Asked Questions

When was SPAT born?
Way back in 2000.

Does SPAT work only with web pages that have health content?
No, while SPAT was created to initially evaluate health content, it is thought that it will evaluate any web page.

Can SPAT be taught to k-12?
Yes. Anyone that can surf the World Wide Web, should be able to use SPAT and know that they should evaluate information.

What is SPAT?
SPAT is a mnemonic, a cue to help you remember, parts of a web page that you can evaluate.

What does SPAT stand for?
SPAT stands for Site, Publisher, Audience and Timeliness.

What kinds of things can I do with SPAT?
You can SPAT a web page to make sure the information is good.

How do you make money?
SPAT doesn?t make money. It comes from the education.

Does SPAT work on all pages?
Actually SPAT works as well as you make it work. You are in charge.

Where can I learn more about SPAT.
The research page of this website will stay up to date letting you know of current research and outcomes of completed research.

Is SPAT the only tool available to evaluate web sites?
No, there are many but SPAT is the fastest, easiest and as reliable as you make it.

Can I teach others about SPAT?
Yes, certainly, and let us know what you did with it and how it went. Just send me and email (

I want to teach SPAT. Is there help available?
Always. Review the web site to gain information and plan way ahead to have your materials available early. Practicing a presentation always makes it better and easier.