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checkmarkWho is the Intended Audience?

A in SPAT represents the word 'Audience.'

The 'A' reminds you to seek out who the intended audience is for the site.

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how to find site address and provider.   How Do I Find That?

1. Look at the words.

Look at the words on the page and see if you can explain all of them. If you can not, then find another web page. If you do understand the words then think about the next question you should ask.

2. Decide who is the intended audience.

Look at the words used on the page and see if they are directed towards a specific gender (male|female), or age group (seniors|tenagers, etc.). If the text appears to be written towards a specific audience the publisher may not have given you all the information. Think twice before deciding if the web page is a good page.

An example of presenting information for a specific audience can be seen anytime on television. For instance, during the evening news hour, most of the commercials are for medications that seniors may need. So, seniors are targeted because they are likely watching the news. Men are likely watching sporting events on television so the majority of the commercials during a sporting event are for aftershave lotion, beer, and cars. The same kind of target audience marketing happens on web pages. It isn't a bad thing, just make sure you are aware of it so you can decide if you want to believe the information or not.

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why these matter   Why This Matters
  • Knowing the audience helps you decide,

    1. If the web page is right for you.

    2. If the web page is targeting a specific audience and if you are part of that audience.

  • review question   Review Question

    Question: A web page with primarily colorful graphics depicting a child smoking is targeting what audience?

    Answer: A teenager or someone about to be a teenager.

    Reasoning: The use of graphics and bright colors implies that it is targeting a young audience that has questions about smoking.

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